Wraps and Graphics

Looking to turn heads and make a statement? Perhaps you would like a one-time, cost effective solution to advertise your business? We’ve got you covered!

See Our Wraps

A wrap is a large vinyl graphic or decal applied directly to the painted surface of your vehicle. It can change the colour and entire look of your vehicle quickly, making way for a vibrant, unique appearance. The finish can either be gloss, matte, or textured. It is 100% removable and won’t damage the paint.
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Unique Graphics

From boosting brand awareness to increasing safety on the road and so much more, there are nearly endless possibilities with vehicle graphics. Both beautiful and durable, Blackout Window Tinting’s graphic films transform vehicle aesthetics quickly and are easily removed. So, drivers and businesses can effortlessly update the look of their vehicles to reflect their brand and personality.

Headlight Wrap

Our Light Protection Film application is designed to protect automotive lights and enhance their aesthetics.

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