Robust, high-performing, scratch resistance

Windshield Protective Film

The possibility of chipping, cracking, or shattering your windshield is much greater than you might expect. Costs for a total windshield replacement can range from a few hundred dollars up into the thousands, meaning more than just an eyesore inconvenience.

With windshield protection, Blackout Window Tinting adds an exterior protective film to your car’s most vulnerable area, increasing its durability against rocks and other debris that leads to splitting, spidering, and pitting.

Advanced Technology for Windshield Protection

In addition to being a great way to protect your windshield from damage that can cause distraction, it also fortifies the structural integrity of the glass. A windshield is key in determining the severity of damage from many types of accidents, with the most notable including head-on collisions. A protected windshield can literally mean the difference between life and death by keeping your car’s shape on impact, lessening the likelihood of a caved roof, or smashed front-end.

Our windshield protective film also shields your vehicle’s interior, protecting you and your passengers against 99.9% of the harmful UV rays.
Windshield protection is more than a luxury add-on; it’s an investment into your safety and the durability of your vehicle.

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Main Features

Protects glass from road debris that can damage unprotected glass


Warrantied not to peel, bubble, crack, or yellow (MADICO)

Optically clear, invisible windshield protection

Faster windshield runoff of rain and snow

Protects vehicles interiors from fading

Helps maintain vehicle value

Essential for luxury vehicles and vehicles with ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) technology

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