A selection of SunTek Paint Protection Film options showcasing their protective features and aesthetic appeal.

Discovering the Magic of Paint Protection Film

If you’re a car enthusiast or just someone who wants to keep their car’s exterior looking shiny and new, you’ve likely heard about paint protection film (PPF). It’s a revolutionary product that’s gaining popularity worldwide due to its ability to shield cars from the inevitable wear and tear of everyday use. Today, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of PPF, focusing specifically on the high-quality offerings from SunTek, a leading provider in the industry.

Understanding Paint Protection Film

PPF is a thin layer of polyurethane or polymer that serves as a skin over your vehicle’s paintwork. The primary function of this film is to protect the paint from potential damage such as scratches and chips caused by rocks, road debris, and even salt in some climates​.

Why SunTek Stands Out

At Blackout Window Tinting, we exclusively use SunTek products for our PPF applications. The SunTek Ultra paint protection film, for instance, is designed to protect your paint even in the harshest environments while maintaining that high gloss shine that you love. Plus, we’re one of the select few certified installers in the Gilroy area and its surroundings for paint protection film applications​.

Let’s explore the various SunTek PPF offerings and see how they can serve your car protection needs.

SunTek’s Paint Protection Film Lineup

SunTek offers a variety of PPF options, each designed to cater to different customer needs.

suntek ppf clear

SunTek Paint Protection Film Clear

SunTek PPF Clear is a nearly invisible layer of sophisticated protection with a high gloss finish. It defends against all major threats to pristine paint: rocks, salt, insects, and road debris. Not only does it protect the original paint hue against yellowing and stains, but it also has self-healing properties that repair scratches using heat from a vehicle’s engine or the sun​.

suntek matte ppf

SunTek Paint Protection Film Matte

If you prefer a matte finish, SunTek PPF Matte is your best bet. It delivers all the benefits of the Clear PPF but with a head-turning matte finish. It’s also capable of transforming the finish of glossy paints, giving your car a dramatic new look. Like its Clear counterpart, the Matte PPF has advanced protection against yellowing and stains, self-heals scratches, and comes with a five-year limited warranty​.

suntek ppf

SunTek Paint Protection Film Ultra

For those seeking robust protection in all kinds of weather, SunTek PPF Ultra is the perfect choice. This scientifically formulated film helps maintain the beauty and integrity of vehicle finishes for many years. Its features include a HydroResist™ top coat for increased stain resistance, extra endurance against damage from rocks, salt, and insects, and self-healing properties. Plus, it’s available in both matte and high gloss finishes, ensuring it matches your car’s aesthetics while providing outstanding protection. This premium product also comes with a 10-year limited warranty​.

SunTek Reaction Paint Protection Film

SunTek Reaction PPF is a game-changer in the industry, merging the super hydrophobicity of ceramic coating with premium, self-healing PPF. This 2-in-1 defense keeps your car’s finish looking like it rarely sees the road. It boasts 30% more scratch resistance than other top brands and best-in-class rock chip protection. Plus, it enhances your car’s finish with an intense gloss that’s a result of SunTek’s proprietary Tetrashield™ technology. Its defense against nature’s harshest elements is also formidable, providing 25% more stain resistance than top brands. The Reaction PPF is backed by a 12-year limited warranty​.

ppf ultra defense

SunTek Paint Protection Film Ultra Defense

For those in harsh climates and tough road conditions, SunTek PPF Ultra Defense offers the highest level of impact resistance in a clear, self-healing PPF. It has the same benefits as the Ultra series, including the HydroResist™ top coat for increased stain resistance and product longevity. This particular film is ideal for those who require a more substantial layer of protection, and it comes with a 10-year limited warranty​.


SunTek Altered Black Paint Protection Film

Lastly, for those seeking a unique custom look, SunTek offers the Altered Black Paint Protection Film. This film not only provides excellent defense against everyday wear and tear but also enhances the vehicle’s aesthetics by applying a high gloss black as an accent, creating a custom look. Its HydroResist™ top coat increases stain resistance and product longevity by limiting water and dirt accumulation on the film’s surface​.

ppf comparison chart suntek


Investing in paint protection film is a smart move to prolong the life of your car’s paintwork. It shields your vehicle from damage, keeps it looking shiny and new, and can even enhance its aesthetics. With SunTek’s range of PPF, you have a variety of options to choose from based on your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a high gloss or matte finish, need extra protection due to harsh road conditions, or want a custom look, SunTek has you covered.


What is paint protection film?

Paint protection film is a thin layer of polyurethane or polymer that serves as a protective skin over your vehicle’s paintwork.

Why should I consider SunTek’s paint protection film?

SunTek offers a variety of high-quality paint protection films designed to cater to different customer needs. They provide excellent protection against scratches, chips, and stains and have self-healing properties.

How does the self-healing property of SunTek’s films work?

The self-healing property allows the film to repair scratches almost effortlessly. This happens through the heat generated from a vehicle’s engine or the sun.

What is the warranty on SunTek’s paint protection films?

The warranty varies based on the type of film. It ranges from five years for the Clear and Matte films to ten years for the Ultra and Ultra Defense films, and twelve years for the Reaction film.

Can I apply SunTek’s paint protection film myself?

It’s recommended to have SunTek’s paint protection films professionally installed to ensure the best results. Blackout Window Tinting is a certified installer for SunTek’s paint protection films.

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