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Trusted Window Tinting

With over 27 years in business, our window tinting experts enhance your vehicle’s appearance, privacy, and cabin comfort. We deliver quality window tinting in Gilroy, CA, by combining top-of-the-line films with our detail-oriented approach. For a complimentary quote, we invite you to call us today.

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Why Automotive Tinting

There are countless reasons to consider automotive tinting. Of course, your tint shade, specs, and film type depend on your unique vehicle and lifestyle goals. Regardless of your specific needs, window tint offers numerous aesthetic and functional benefits.

Improved Cabin Comfort

We select premium-grade films that keep your cabin cooler throughout the summer, reducing fuel spend.

Reinforced Glass Protection

If your glass shatters, the film will keep it intact. In addition, your car, truck, or SUV can mitigate glass particles from entering the cabin.

Elevated Visual Appeal

Window tinting gives sports cars and heavy-duty trucks a unique look that complements your vehicle’s natural colors and contours.

UV Ray Blockage

Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, tinted vehicle windows block UV rays to support anti-aging, skin well-being, and improved eye health.

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The Blackout® Advantage

Everyday commuters and supercar owners recommend us for the individualized care and attention we give each vehicle. In addition, our clients regard us as the best window tinting company in Gilroy.

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Pros of Automotive Tinting

Every vehicle can benefit from a little extra tint, from luxury cars to daily drivers. And Blackout® has been providing high-quality, professional window tinting services and more in Gilroy and the Bay Area for over 27 years.

Whether it’s our standard or infrared-rejecting ceramic tint, we use only the finest window film materials in the industry. So you’re guaranteed a perfect, bubble-free installation that will last for years. And if you’re still on the fence, maybe these pros of automotive tinting will convince you:

Protection against UV Damage

UV rays can cause serious damage to your skin, and they can also fade your upholstery and dashboards. Tinted windows block out UV rays, keeping you and your car’s interior safe from the sun’s harmful effects.

Reduced Glare

When the sun is high in the sky, the glare can be very intense, making it difficult to see. By tinting your car windows, you don’t have to squint to see the road ahead, and you can avoid potential accidents.

Enhanced Comfort

Not only does window tinting reduce glare, but it also helps to keep your car cooler on hot days. The tint blocks out the UV rays that cause the interior to heat up, so you can enjoy a comfortable ride even on the hottest days.

Increased Privacy

There’s no reason to share your personal life with everyone you pass on the highway. Tinted windows give you the privacy you need to keep your business to yourself. Of course, if you live in California, the automotive tinting laws must be followed.

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Unmatched Versatility

Our clients come from all walks of life, each seeking quality car, truck, and SUV window tinting services. Here are just a few of our vehicle types and use cases.

Regardless of why you’re opting for tinted vehicle windows, we are well-versed in virtually any make or model. We are available via phone at (408) 848-8468.

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Installing Cutting-Edge Window Tint Tech

The Blackout® team puts the most advanced window tinting technology in your corner. We blend our expertise with trusted brands to optimize your vehicle's appearance and protection.

Whether you opt for unmatched affordability with our standard window tint, metal-free connectivity offered by our ceramic window tint, or the ultra heat resistance of our infrared-rejecting ceramic window tint, our entire lineup is made to last for the lifetime of your vehicle.

Year-round, our team supports car, truck, and SUV owners who need reliable vehicle tinting in Gilroy. You can ensure a more stylish, comfortable, and private driving experience by making a reservation today. We are available via phone at (408) 848-8468.

Regardless of why you’re opting for tinted vehicle windows, we are well-versed in virtually any make or model. We are available via phone at (408) 848-8468.

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Trusted Brands. Stunning Results

We proudly use 3M & LLumar Window Films as our trusted brands based on quality, durability, and visual appeal. We make product recommendations based on your vehicle goals, conducting 360° of the installation process for results you can count on. Our robust product line includes the following:

LLumar® ATC

Offering 99% UV blockage while preserving your interior, protecting your windows from scratches, and elevating your privacy at a price you can afford. This film features premium dye and a sleek charcoal shade.

LLumar® IRX

Keeping the heat at bay while incorporating a nano-ceramic composition to preserve signal connectivity and reduce distracting glares. This film is made with a thin yet effective material coated with IR-rejecting particles.

LLumar® CTX

Bringing out the best in your car’s aesthetic with a stunning, reflective-free look that prevents glass shattering and keeps your cabin significantly cooler. This film includes a top-tier nano ceramic composition.

3M Obsidian

Ensuring strict privacy at an affordable price while keeping solar energy out and reducing glare. This film is built with non-metalized materials for free device connectivity.

3M Ceramic IR

Seamlessly matching your vehicle’s factory colors while offering even higher infrared rejection, keeping your interior from fading. In addition, this film is comprised of non-reflective particles to avoid distracting glares.

3M Crystalline

Providing best-in-class heat rejection and UV protection without changing the clarity or darkness of your windows. This film incorporates ultra-thin multilayer nanotechnology for unparalleled performance.

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