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Ceramic Coating Installations

The best ceramic coating in Gilroy, CA starts here. Give your vehicle a high-gloss finish while protecting against environmental wear and roadside debris. Our ceramic coatings offer exceptional durability, streamlined aesthetic maintenance, and dependable resistance against unwanted paint or glass damage to preserve your vehicle’s value.

By getting in touch with our dedicated team at Blackout Window Tinting, you’ll learn firsthand why we are the top ceramic coating installer in Gilroy.

The Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

Before diving into the benefits, you might be wondering: what is a ceramic coating? This is a clear polymer solution that offers long-term exterior paint and glass protection. By forming a strong bond with your vehicle’s original paint and glass, our professional ceramic coatings offer a premium finish with several key advantages.

Ready to make your vehicle shine without wasted time? Our dedicated support team is available directly at (408) 848-8468 for ceramic coating services you can count on.

Long-Lasting Shine

No other ceramic coating shop in Gilroy offers the longevity and vibrance of our services. With an ultra-glossy shine, your vehicle will look like new for years on end.

Minimal Upkeep

Our water beading technology repels unwanted grime and debris, lending way to a sleek surface that’s effortless to wipe down and clean.

What Do Our Ceramic Coatings Protect From?

Acid Rain

Brake Dust

Acidic Insects

Roadside Debris

Acidic Bird Droppings

Harsh Chemicals

Micro Marring

Rust & Particulates

Extreme Temperatures

Industrial Airborne Particles

Mineral Buildups

UV Damage

3M™ Ceramic Coatings

Today, 3M™ produces the best ceramic coatings for cars. In turn, we exclusively use their proprietary formula which is backed by a 5-year warranty. With 10H hardness, this top-rated ceramic coating lasts 12X longer than its competitors and resists the full spectrum of pH levels from chemical contact, rainwater, acidic exposure, and beyond.
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Safe for PPF & Vinyl

Our Gilroy-based ceramic coating professionals are well versed with countless surface applications, including PPF and vinyl.

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3M™ Ceramic IR

To preserve your vehicle’s interior, keep your cabin cooler, and avoid glares, our 3M™ Ceramic IR offers full-spectrum support.

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3M™ Crystalline

With exceptional UV protection and heat rejection, our 3M™ Crystalline leverages ultra-clear nanotechnology for protection and performance.

Why Choose 3M™ Ceramic Coatings

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100% Active Ingredients

This formula uses active ingredients that form a strong coating bond with a deep shine.

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Low-VOC Composition

By avoiding VOCs, this ceramic coating lasts for years without decomposition.

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5-Year Warranty

Our Gilroy ceramic coating pros are backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

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10H Hardness

These ultra-durable ceramic coatings handle high-impact debris without a scratch.

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Superhydrophobic Protection

With contact angles over 120°, our water beading tech mitigates damage and spotting.

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Seamless Finish

Our coatings provide an ultra-glossy surface finish reminiscent of freshly polished wax.

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