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3M Ceramic Coating

Find the best automotive ceramic coating near you right here in Gilroy, CA. Make your car shine with a high-gloss finish and protect it from outdoor elements and road debris. Our ceramic coating services are long-lasting, easy to take care of, and effectively protect your car's paint and glass, keeping your vehicle looking great and maintaining its value.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

This transparent polymer solution provides long-term protection for exterior paint and glass. Our professional ceramic coatings provide a premium finish including the latest nano ceramic coating options available near you. with several critical advantages by forming a solid bond with your vehicle’s original color and glass.

Glossy showroom finish

Our ceramic car coating service provides a high-gloss finish while protecting against the elements. It’s an effective solution for those seeking both beauty and durability.

Preserved vehicle value

Scratches, stains, and paint chips can erode your vehicle’s value. For the best ceramic coating nearby, trust our team to protect your investment.


We take a hands-on approach, and our expert ceramic coating installers ensure every inch of your car is perfectly coated. We make sure every spot gets the perfect coat, leaving nothing to chance!

Water beading

Say goodbye to blurry windshields in the rain! Our 3M Ceramic Coatings hydrophobic magic makes water bead up and roll right off, giving you a clearer view on those rainy days.

Ultra-fast dry time

Our ceramic coating installations take just 4 hours to dry depending on the areas we are working with, meaning you can get your vehicle in and out on the same day.

Long-Lasting Shine

Choosing 3M Ceramic Coating ensures the longevity and vibrance of your vehicle. With an ultra-glossy shine, your vehicle will look new for years.

Minimal Upkeep

Our water-beading technology repels unwanted grime and debris, lending way to a sleek surface that’s effortless to wipe down and clean.

What Do Ceramic Coatings Protect From?

Acid Rain

Brake Dust

Acidic Insects

Roadside Debris

Acidic Bird Droppings

Harsh Chemicals

Micro Marring

Rust & Particulates

Extreme Temperatures

Industrial Airborne Particles

Mineral Buildups

UV Damage

3M Ceramic Coatings

Today, 3M produces the best ceramic coatings for cars. We exclusively use their formula, which comes with up-to a 5-year warranty. This top-rated ceramic coating is 10H hard and lasts 12 times longer than its competitors. It can also stand up to a wide range of pH levels, including chemical contact, rainwater, acidic exposure, and more.

Why Choose 3M Ceramic Coating?

There are countless reasons to consider our 3M ceramic coating. Their durability, shine, and protective capabilities are tailored to suit your vehicle’s needs.

100% Active Ingredients

This formula uses active ingredients that form a strong coating bond with a deep shine.

Low-VOC Composition

By avoiding VOCs, this ceramic coating lasts for years without decomposition.


Our ceramic coating services are backed by up to a 5-year warranty.

10H Hardness

These ultra-durable ceramic coatings handle high-impact debris without a scratch.

Superhydrophobic Protection

Our water-beading technology, featuring contact angles over 120°, reduces damage and spotting.

Seamless Finish

Our ceramic coatings provide an ultra-glossy surface finish that looks like it was freshly waxed.

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